Aleksei Kromski
developer portfolio

Hello, I'm Aleksei Kromski, a back-end developer from Estonia with 6 years of professional experience. My skill set includes a number of programming languages and technologies related to server-side development as well as client-side application development. I am well versed in Golang, Node.js, Java/Kotlin, PHP and well versed in popular front-end frameworks including Vue and React

  • Graduated Ida-Virumaa Vacational education center:
  • Worked in Jiss OÜ | 3 years
  • Narva collage TU ( Team-leader ) | 1 year
  • Studying in Narva College TU | 2021 - now
  • Working in Kuehne+Nagel: | 2022 - now

Skills & opportunities

The tech stack I use for my current projects and the skills I have in general


Golang - Node.js - Java/Kotlin


React - Vue.js


Material UI - Figma - Element UI


These projects have been developed for three years and are currently in operation